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Any business owner can transition into semi or full retirement within the next 60 days.

You just need a tried-and-true system combined with the proper guidance.

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Want a better explanation of how we get clients from where they are to a fully mechanized business that operates predictably without quality loss… even after they walk away? This video should help.

Step 1: Redirect Your Workflow By Building a D.A.M.™

Detox. Amplify. Mechanize.

It’s the three step process that starts this journey. Identify the most resource-consuming tasks in your business (Detox), identify your MOST valuable tasks (Amplify), and break it all down into predictable, dependable processes that can be handed off to low-cost labor (Mechanize).


Step 2: Replicate Yourself By Creating an Infinity Medium™

Hiring and training a team member is easy. Removing yourself from that process almost entirely, so that you can focus on growing and scaling, is not.

Without proper preparation, you’re going to spend just as much time training and managing your team members as you would doing the work yourself. So it’s essential that you implement training and management systems that completely remove you from the process.

THIS is how people go from working 60-80 hour weeks to working less than an hour per day.


Step 3: Recruiting High-Quality Talent that Doesn’t Destroy Your Profit Margins

Most business owners can’t afford to hire someone for $10 – $15 per hour… but could you afford $2.50 – $3.00 per hour?

This isn’t for half-competent high school students.

This is for university-educated (sometimes even post-graduate), full-time employees that cost as little as $400 – $500/month.

What would you be capable of if you freed yourself up from the tedious grunt work in your business for as little as $400 – $500 per month?


Step 4: Retire By Removing Yourself from the Business

Once you’ve learned everything from steps 1-3 above, you’ll discover very quickly:

You’re not necessary anymore.

It doesn’t matter how specialized your knowledge: Followed correctly, this process will completely remove you from your business.

You may need to go through these steps three, four, or five times to completely remove yourself, but once you have…

You’ll experience complete and total freedom.

Time to relax. Time to spend traveling to dream destinations. Time to enjoy the company of friends and loved ones without any stress or a care in the world. Or simply: Time to diversify your income by creating a new business.

Your previous business is now a dependable, predictable machine that will continue to grow without you.


This is complete time leverage.

This is complete freedom and retirement from your business…

WITHOUT sacrificing your income.

A time-tested, proven combination of tools, processes, and strategies that will separate you from your business.

Allowing you to achieve levels of success, profit, and freedom you were never capable of before.

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